Garden Regulation

Fengshan Crystal RC Community Garden



  1. The garden should be a safe place for the community, children, and other gardeners. Do not bring anything that will compromise the safety of the garden.
  2. Gardener is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of their garden plot.
  3. We request that all members volunteer their time for general maintenance (especially adjacent walkways) to keep the garden site looking good .
  4. Please dispose of weeds and plant materials in designated areas .
  5. Be considerate of your neighbors plot. Do not plant sprawling crops or tall ones that might interfere with others. Harvest only from your assigned plot. Keep insects and weeds under control.”
  6. All plots will be inspected from time to time by RC. Plots that have not been planted, are weedy, or do not meet the guidelines, will be notified.
  7. If vandalism or theft occurs, notify the garden committee immediately.
  8. All Family members and residents are welcome to the garden site. Please supervise young children so they don’t disturb other plots.
  9. Unattended watering is not permitted. Notify the garden coordinator of any leaks in the line. Make sure all faucets are off when you leave the garden. Keep hoses neatly rolled up near the water point.
  10. Please conserve the use of water. Mulch with leaves, grass clippings to reduce water.
  11. No debris of any kind should be left at the site. Use trash receptacles available next to the garden.
  12. Keep tall plants such as sunflowers at the center of your plot so they do not shade your neighbors plants.
  13. Do not pick from your neighbor’s plot even if you think they have neglected their plot.
  14. Notify garden coordinator if you are no longer able to tend your plot; will be absent for a long period of time; or have asked a friend to tend your garden.
  15. Borrowed tools should be cleaned and returned to the storage area when done .
  16. Keep gates in the garden closed at all times.
  17. Your compliance with the above regulations will help everyone have an enjoyable, beautiful and harmonious garden.


Fengshan Crystal RC Community Garden.                                                                                                    Garden-In-Charge






  1. 花园应该是一个安全的地方为社区,儿童和其他园丁。不要带任何危及花园安全的东西进入花园
  2. 每个会员都负责维护和保养他们的花园。
  3. 我们要求所有成员自愿花时间进行一般维护(尤其是相邻的人行道),以保持花园景观良好
  4. 请在指定的堆肥区域处置杂草和植物材料
  5. 要体谅你的邻居花园。不要种​​植可能干扰他人的蔓生作物植物或高大植物。只从你指定的地块收获。保持昆虫和杂草的控制。
  6. 所有花园都会由凤山水晶社区花园负责人不时检查。没有种植,杂草丛生 或不符 合指导方针的地块,将被通知。
  7. 如果发生破坏或盗窃行为,立即通知花园负责人。
  8. 欢迎所有家庭成员和居民前往花园场地。请监督幼儿,以免他们打扰其他地块。
  9. 不允许无人值守浇水。通知花园负责人任何水线泄漏。当你离开花园时,确保所有的   水龙头都关闭。保持软管在水点附近整齐地卷起。
  10. 请节约用水。覆盖有叶子,草屑或干草以减少水的蒸发。
  11. 在现场不应留下任何种类的碎片。使用花园旁边的垃圾桶。
  12. 保持高大的植物,如向日葵在您的园地中心,使他们不遮蔽邻居植物。
  13. 不要从你邻居的园地中挑选,即使你认为他们忽视了他们的园地。
  14. 如果你不再使用你的园地,通知花园负责人; 如果你要去度假一段时间;可以要求朋友暫時管理你的园地。
  15. 工具完成使用后,应清洁借款并将其返回存储区。
  16. 让花园的门始终处于关闭状态。
  17. 您遵守上述规定将有助于每个人都有一个愉快,美丽和谐的花园。